Relationship Notes For Joannes Baptist HOEMAN and Joanna Francisca BOSQUET

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Franciscus Bosquet wonende in Dilbeek - Franciscus Segers
wonende in Merchtem
prem. procl. ordinarus

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Relationship Notes For Egidius VANDER BORGHT and Joanna Maria BOSQUET

Marriage Notes

Getuige: P. G. Bosquet - Engelbertus Van Kerckhoven

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Relationship Notes For Joannes WERMOES and Maria Anna MEERT

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Dominicus Gillaert - Guilielmus Kesseleer

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Relationship Notes For Andreas COCKX and Elisabeth VAN DROOGENBROECK

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Mertens - Joannes Van Droogenbroeck
super tribus procl. et super tempore clauso

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Relationship Notes For Jacobus DE KNOP and Anna VANDER SMISSEN

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Jacobus De Cnop, filius - Franciscus Crabbe
disp. in bannis

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Relationship Notes For Renatus BAUDEWYNS and Emerentiana CRABBE

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Jacobus De Knop - Joannes Baudewyns

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Relationship Notes For Petrus VANDEN BORRE and Maria Catharina CRABBE

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Judocus Crabbe - Henricus Van den Borre

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Relationship Notes For Everardus BISSCOT and Elisabeth CRABBE

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Crabbe - Carolus Polspoel etc.

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Relationship Notes For Nicolaus DE RIDDER and Catharina VAN WAXEEL

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Franciscus Waxeel - Judocus Berghmans

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Relationship Notes For Egidius DELVAUX and Magdalena WILLEMS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Adrianus Steenwinckel - Judocus Virendeels bannis tempore clauso

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Relationship Notes For Joannes Franciscus PLAS and Marianna DE BEUS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Henricus Plas - Josephus De Beus

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