Relationship Notes For Petrus Josephus MARY and Carolina VAN OBBERGEN

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Petrus Van Obbergen - Nicolaes Mary

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Relationship Notes For Franciscus MARY and Ludovica BUFFELS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Josephus Mary - Judocus Sergeant

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Relationship Notes For Joannes Baptista MARY and Alena VAN DROOGENBROECK

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Petrus Mary - Petrus Van Obbergen

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Relationship Notes For Nicolaas MARY and Blondina BUFFELS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Judocus De Vos - Theophil Lummens

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Relationship Notes For Petrus Lotharius MASFRANCX and Rosalia TIMMERMANS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Josephus Timmermans - Ferdinandus Masfrancx

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Relationship Notes For Egidius MATTENS and Maria Magdalena ABEELS

Marriage Notes

Gewettigd kind

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Relationship Notes For Carolus DE MECK and Catharina DE CUYPER

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Jacobus De Meck - Petrus De Cuyper

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