Relationship Notes For Maximilianus HUYGH and Magdalena DE DOBBELEER

Marriage Notes

cum dispensatione in tertio banno

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Relationship Notes For Joannes Franciscus HUYGHENS and Joanna Maria RAMPELBERGHS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Franciscus Kesseleer - Joannes Baptista Hallemans
prem. tribus ban. procl.

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Relationship Notes For Joannes Baptista HUYGHENS and Maria Josepha VERHASSELT

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Henricus Huygens - Joannes Baptista Verhasselt

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Relationship Notes For Cornelius VAN HUYNEGHEM and Anna Catharina VAN HELEWYCK

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Josephus Van Helewyk - Joannes Van Huyneghem

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Relationship Notes For Camillus HUYNEN and Maria Justina DE HAEN

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Baptista Govart - Emilius De Haen

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