Relationship Notes For Laurentius ABEELS and Joanna HOFMANS

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Franciscus D'hoir - Josephus Jacquemyns

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Relationship Notes For Adam ABEELS and Maria DE GREEF

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Laurentius Abels - Judocus Drabbe
prem. trib. procl. ban.

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Relationship Notes For Joannes Baptista ABEELS and Barbara PAPPAERT

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Baptista Dolinks - Petrus Dolincks

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Relationship Notes For Petrus Josephus VAN ACHTER and Philippina CEGAER

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Joannes Van Achter - Judocus Van Cauwelaert

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Relationship Notes For Martinus VAN ACHTER and Catharina HEYSSELEER

Marriage Notes

Getuige: Christianus Banck - Petrus Hetselaer

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